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Live-In Care

with Dignity and Respect

At Care4Pride we understand that everyone deserves to live in an environment that celebrates their identity and respects their lifestyle choices.

With Care4Pride "Live in Care" is more than assistance with daily tasks it’s about creating deep connections and providing care that is as unique as you are. Our professional live in carers are not only trained in high-quality care delivery but are also compassionate to the specific needs and experiences of our community. This means that they uphold the highest standards of care while also understanding the nuances of gender identity, sexual orientation and the history of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Whether it’s help with personal care, medication management, mobility support or companionship our team work with you to create a customised care plan that reflects your lifestyle. They are dedicated to supporting your independence while providing the necessary care within the comfort of your own home.

illustration of a warm, embracing home environment depicting the comforting and inclusive nature of our live-in care services
Conceptual image representing the diverse and personalized care provided in our live-in services, featuring abstract figures

What is Live in Care

Live in care is a comprehensive service provided in the comfort of your own home. It's an ideal solution for individuals who require continuous support and prefer the familiarity and comfort of their own home. At Care4Pride our live in care is uniquely designed for the LGBTQ+ community focusing on a compassionate, safe and inclusive approach to daily care.

Why Choose Live in Care

Opting for live in care means embracing a lifestyle where your wellbeing is constantly supported in your environment that respects and celebrates your identity. This choice is particularly significant for LGBTQ+ individuals who seek a care experience that is not only professional but also deeply understanding and affirming of your experiences and needs.

Cost of Live in Care

Understanding the financial aspects of live in care is crucial. At Care4Pride we believe in transparent and sustainable pricing models. We work closely with you to tailor a live in care plan that is both comprehensive and financially accessible ensuring you receive the highest quality of care without undue financial stress.

What Do Live in Carers Do

Our live in carers provide a range of services from assistance with daily activities to more complex medical care. They are specially trained to understand our community offering not just physical support but emotional and psychological support too. From managing medication and personal care to offering companionship and understanding our carers are committed to enhancing your quality of life.

How Live in Care Works

Initiating live in care with Care4Pride involves a thoughtful and inclusive process. We start with a detailed assessment of your personal needs and preferences. This enables us to match you with a carer whose skills and personality align with your lifestyle. Our carers are then integrated into your home providing continuous support while respecting your privacy and independence.

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San Francisco, CA 94158


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500 Terry Francine Street,

San Francisco, CA 94158


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